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Top Hemorrhiods Treatment - Frequently Asked Questions:

There is one fast and effective hemorrhoid treatment on the market that stands above the rest - HemClear™. "This product has been used by men and women of all ages with remarkable results. It has helped shrink and eliminate both internal and external Hemorrhoids with no side effects. We recommend it to all of readers."

Here are some of the questions that are often asked. If you have addition inquiries, please call customer service at HemClear™ directly. Their staff is knowledgeable, and treats everyone with discretion, dignity and respect. They can answer your concerns about this delicate issue. HemClear: 888-565-7110.

Questions About HemClear:

1. Why would HemClear™ be better than other products to treat my Hemorrhoids?
HemClear™ is an all natural product compiled of significant doses of ingredients known to eliminate the causes of Hemorrhoids and the Hemorrhoids themselves. Each ingredient has been tested and has shown that it works. HemClear™ shrinks the veins which are enlarged, and gets rid of the Hemorrhoids. This well researched and proven formula uses more potent ingredients than any other product on the market. And its special formula has added ingredients not found in other products.

2. What sets HemClear™ apart from other treatments?
There are creams, sprays and ointments which can soothe the pain, but they do not get rid of the Hemorrhoids. Over the counter treatments for Hemorrhoid treat the symptoms, such as bleeding, itching and pain, but do nothing to shrink or eliminate the Hemorrhoid. There may be temporary relief, which certainly makes you feel better. But when you stop using the cream, the Hemorrhoid is still there and the symptoms return. HemClear™ goes to the root cause of the Hemorrhoids. It uses ingredients which neutralize the swollen vein, causing them to shrink and disappear at a rapid pace. The ingredients travel through the blood stream to the swollen, irritated veins. Your Hemorrhoids not only stop hurting, but shrink and disappear.

3. Does HemClear™ cure on any kind of Hemorrhoid?
Yes. HemClear™ has been proven effective on both internal and external Hemorrhoids. It is effective in cases where people have had them a long time, or they have just been recently discovered. There has been success on both mild and very severe cases no matter what the cause of the problem.

4. What are the ingredients of HemClear™?
All of the ingredients are listed and explained on the page “How It Works”. You can click here to go to that page.

5. Can HemClear™ be purchased in any stores?
No, HemClear™ is only available on-line or by calling their Customer Service line at 888-565-7110

6. Can it be used to prevent Hemorrhoids?
Yes, it can be used to prevent further occurrence of Hemorrhoids once they are gone. Smaller doses can be taken for a longer period of time to insure that they do not return. There are many people who use HemClear™ after surgery to make sure they do not get them again.

7. How long does it take to see results?
You should feel relief within the first few days. Depending on the severity of your problem, and how long you have had hemorrhoids, it may take 2 to 4 weeks for them to disappear completely.

8. How many pills do I take a day?
Each bottle contains 45 capsules. You take 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening.

Questions About Shipping HemClear:

1. When will my order arrive?
HemClear™ ships the product by US Postal Service. Each order received before 5:00pm EST will be shipped out the same day it is ordered. If received later, it will be sent out the next morning. It should arrive within 3 to 5 business days.
They also offer FedEx 2 day delivery. FedEx will be sent out the same day, if the order is received by 12:00 noon EST. Orders received after 12:00 noon are sent out the next day. All orders received on the weekend will be shipped out promptly Monday morning.

2. What kind of package does it come in?
Orders are shipped out discretely. There is no identifying information on the outside packaging.